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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dynamicx School Of Paint Production


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The word paint needs no introduction as we get to hear it on a daily basis and see it in buildings all around us,in shops were they are displayed to attract purchase from customers.

Paint gives beauty to buildings,asthetics that makes the house owner proud of his structure.When buildings are raised,house owners still do not have a sense of satisfaction or completion until the building is painted.

Paint comes in various types and house owners usually have a choice to make;from emulsion,texcoat,satin,gloss and numerous others.Each type comes with its own unique feature that meets the taste of building owners.

The process of making paint is easy to acquaint once self with only if one is determined to.Like so many business,paint require some sort of skill acquisition to be able to get through with.From the usage of machines,to chemical measurement,to mixing the process though likely cumbersome is as easy as ABC.
paint container

Producers of paint are almost completely limitless in territorial supplies as the market is very large,and customers always willing to buy expecially if the paint meets standards that are desirous mostly by painters.

The supply of paint includes retail outlets,individuals,corporate bodies and project contractors at their various site.Producers lacking the financial wherewithal to hit the open market,can visit building sites for orders or set up a show room for display of their paint.

Current price of most paint range from 3000 naira upward,which means the producer still would have some profit for himself after sale and if he sells larger quantities he is sure to smile to the bank.

Dynamicx paint production school has been set up by brintaz and dynamicx in Benincity,Edo State to teach interested persons paint making within the shortest possible time at an affordable rate. Learn production of paint in a very short period of time with dynamicx school of paint production.

Dynamicx school of paint production is owned by Brintaz and Dynamicx Enterprise, makers of Dynamicx Paint.

Our training will equip you to become your own boss as quality and detail is guaranteed.


PRODUCT NAME                                             PRICE

 Emulsion Paint                                               50,000 naira

Texcoat Paint                                                   50,000 naira

Gloss(Oil Paint)                                               50,000 naira

 POP Paint                                                       50,000 naira 

 Matt Paint                                                       80,000 naira

Satin Paint                                                      100,000 naira


1. OUR OFFICE:You can have the training at our office premises

2.SOFT COPY MANUAL:Distance should never be a barrier as materials detailing step by step guide on all you need to know about paint production have been put together in written form that can easily be emailed to you through your email address.

3:HARD COPY MANUAL:We have made manuals that detail all you need to know about paint production that you can buy and read.

4.WHATSAPP GROUP:You can opt to join our watsapp group for any of the aforementioned packages for online training where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers.

NOTE:Anyone that purchase any of our manuals is qualified to join our whatsapp group for further training.


1.ONE(1) DAY:This training is for those who live outside benincity or even within benincity but do not have much time in their hands to attend training for a longer period.The THEORY and PRACTICAL aspects are taught in details to these persons for that day only.

2.THREE(3) DAYS:This training is targeted at those within or outside benin city who can only take up the training for as short as three(3)days only,it is inclusive of detailed theory and practical.

3.SEVEN(7) DAYS:This is for those whose time can only be limited to seven days based on their schedule;these persons might be within or outside benincity:It includes theory and practical.

4.THREE(3) MONTHS:This is for only those on our whatsapp group.



Dynamicx paint is a quality,long lasting paint both in containers and buildings.Dynamicx paint is a non chalky paint that is made from industry best materials to meet  the needs of both sellers and consumers.

We make supplies of dynamicx paint to  retail shops,building sites etc, on demand.



Aside the popular colours,dynamicx paint also make colours based on clients request.Customers can therefore forward their desired colours for custom production to us.



Dynamicx paint work with professional painters that can give your building just the perfect touch.



Reach us right away for any enquiries at 

OFFICE ADDRESS: 293 Upper Erhunmwunse Street,Along Cattle Market ,Evbuotubu Quarters,Benin City.

TRAINING CENTRE:1,United Close,Behind Right Time Hotel,Upper Mission Road,Benin City.

PHONE: 08060526837

WHATSAPP: 08060526837.

Attend our training today and become a paint producer with utmost ease.

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