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Saturday, August 5, 2017


Mesothelioma though a long,complex story filled with controversies over the years before its identification is a type of aggressive cancer that develops in the mesothelial lining of the lungs,abdomen and heart..

Asbestos Fibre

It is caused by exposure of humans to asbestors either at home,work or related asbestors environment.

Asbestors are minerals fibre that were largely used in construction.The fibres makes way into the lungs,damaging it.The fibre can remain un-noticed for a period as long as 20 years after a person gets exposed to asbestors.

Early Discoveries

mesothelioma cancerAccording to Medical literature, in 1767,Joseph Lieutaud founder of anatomy patology in France was the first to get the word out to the world in a publication containing detailed study of 3000 autopsies carried out by him.

In 1949,H.W.Wedler reported  a connection between asbestos and mesothelioma among German asbestos workers,a research which the world ignored due to the political climate at the time.

J.G Adami in 1949 came up with the term mesothelioma for these form of cancers.while in 1931, P.Klempere and C.B.Rabin put in place a frame work that helps in its diagnosis and understanding of its pathology.

DIagnosing Mesothelioma

These include the following

1.The examination of the inside of your chest or tummy;this is known as Laparoscopy.

2.Taken x-ray images to create a detailed image of internal body,this is known as computerised Tomography (CT)Scan.

Treatment for Mesothelioma

These include

1.Surgery:If detected in an earlier stage,an operation to take away the cancer can be carried out.

2.Chemotherapy:The use of medicine to shrink the cancer.

3.Radiography:The use of high energy radiation to kill its cells.


The centre for disease control reports that in 2017,in the United States alone well over 2000 are diagnsed with mesothelioma every year.While according to NHS Choices ,over 2600 people are diagnosed of mesothelioma in the UK.


People who suffer from mesothelioma can obtain financial help through legal settlements,asbestos trustfund and veteran benefits.

Now you know about mesothelioma,for more information ,visit

  NHS Choices

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