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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How To Set Up A Blog

set up blog
Its pretty simple and easy  to set up a blog,no much stress or hassles.As you may have known the blogger platform is a free one for all to own a free website before probably they can decide on their own to have a paid one if they ever feel like.

Good thing about starting a blog is you get your voice heard,you are in control of it,you chose what to write on,you find the perfect opportunity talking about what you actually love and what more,you can make money with your blog through adsense.

Google pays bloggers through its adsense program as long as their blog runs on adsense,remain active,meaningful in a way it gets the necessary traffic that can lead to ad conversion.

Lots of bloggers make huge sums of money running into thousands of dollars just blogging,doing what they love.They started out casually but today their blog has become a source of research,information to thousands upon thousands all over the world.

How to set up a blog ,is the first step to becoming a blogger and owning a blog.So many prominent bloggers started this way,they all started by setting up a blog,improved on what they knew and thereafter built upon it.

So here you go

First step is to find out what you would like to blog about.This cannnot be overemphasized as knowing it before hand will help you prepare better.

A quick tip about this is doing something that you love.Blog about what you love.Blogging about what you love is the way to go when it comes to blogging as this will ensure you don't get stuck in your blogging career.

Some of the things you can blog about are

1.General Information:You can decide to write on varying subjects if you are vast in them,you can combine religion,news,health and every other subject in your blog.

2.Health:You may decide to blog about health topics that would benefit your audiece and keep them returning writing on health topics like mesothelioma etc

3.Family:If you are vast in this subject,why not blog about it offering counselling to families world wide,mending their differences and give them reasons to love themselves and stay together.You may write on topics such as how to avoid divorce  etc

4.Religion: You can start a blog in this area giving hope to a dieing world,teaching prayers,virtues,peace,love etc

5.SEO: If you are good with search engine ideas and how it works,you may take to this subject,helping website owners to optimize their blog for search engines by blogging about how to make their blog more seo friendly

6.Food:Running a food blog if you are well vast in it,can give you loyal followers whose main aim is to learn new recipe and its application for example moi moi

7.Loans:You may be very vast with loans and its acquisition,blogging can become an opportunity for you assist does in need of such information

There are several topics you can blog about as the list is endless,just find one that you are currently good at.

Haven said that,lets dive into creating a blog from the scratch;

To create your own blog,

First visit   


Second on,click on Create New Blog

create new blog

Third  a dialog box you will pop up.On the dialog box are title,address bars and theme

dialog box

Fourth,on the tilte bar,put the name you had like to use for your blog,example Great Ideas
title bar

Fifth,Fill in your blog address on the address bar,example

address bar

Sixth, from theme,choose any variant of your choice


Seventh,click on create blog.

Eight,your blog is now live!

Congratulations! you now own a blog,and know now about how to set up a blog ,start blogging.

Do you know any other thing about how to set up a blog different from what i have written here,please share,thanks alot.

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