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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

E-Book Writing : An Overview

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We all know about books from our infancy,we read them,we saw pictures in them and we loved them.Books are an integral part of our lives as we acquire formal knowledge through them.When we started out as kindergatten pupils,leaving the comfort of our homes and the precious hands and sight of our dad and mum to spend a few hours in a place called SCHOOL,with little chairs for us to sit and rhymes to our joys,boards in front of us with a man or woman usually called TEACHER holding a chalk in hand,it was because our parents wanted us to learn through books.

Thereafter we move further to primary,secondary,university;all levels we are compelled to read books to boost our knowledge.We finally become aware of things we hitherto would not have been aware of,we are able to argue,bring out facts for as long as its something that we have read about.We find ourselves standing tall cause of knowledge acquired from books and being able to associate so well and easily cause we have learnt;cause surely a man's knowledge would make his face to shine(idiom).

The wonders of books is synonimous to mystery;so many hidden facts,truths leading to a man's progreassion that can only be unravelled by those that read them.Many people don't read books,reason they have remained so backward in life.The ssce,bsc,masters,phd holders always have a certain degree of book knowledge than the other;while one may be called upon for national issues,the other might not.

The more you read,the more you know.Knowledge is power but only to those that have it.Physical book writing that encompass hard copy,can in all ways be likened to electronic book writing.Everything inculcated into the hardcopy book,can likewise come into the electronic book.So much knowledge is also contained in the electonic book otherwise known as e-book and only those that seek such knowledge can find it.

E-books as the name implies are the electronic version of non-electronic books,offline books or hard copy books.E-books are written as softcopy books that can be read on the computer screen,phone or compactible digital devices,they have all the features of a normal book,they are informative,educative and what have you.

E-books are numerous on the internet,while some are given out freely,others are commercialised.There are quite a number of our hardcopy books that have been made into e-books inorder to reach a larger market.Off course one of the advantages of e-books is area of coverage.Once online,anyone that visits an e-book site can download such a book for free or easily pay for it,irrespective of country;it is therefore commendable to know that it breaks geographical barriers,transportation barriers,saves cost of hiring a marketing employee,gives more time to the writer to concentrate on other things,assist young writers to showcase their skills easily while getting rewarded.

Have you ever thought of reading e-books?It is time to act and go beyond thinking.

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