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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How To Change Your Blog Domain Name


Hello,its nice you are here.I want to take sometime to talk about something and i hope it adds value to you and helps you in your research;i'm talking of how to change your blog domain name.

I guess you may already have known or have an idea of what a domain name is by now.But just in case you don't,its my duty right now on this page to ensure you get every detail of it.

What Is A Domain

It is an extension to which web name is affixed.There are different types of domain that any web name can be attached to,these are also called Top Level Domains.

These include the following

* gov-Government agencies


*edu-Educational institutions

*com-Commercial business

*net-Network organizations

What Is A Domain Name

A domain name is a name attached to a domain that allows for easy identification by web users.Put in a more detailed language,a domain name is your website name that is exclusive to you and can't be used by no one else without your explicit permission.

For example,the domain has the name Frank enabulele in one part,.blogspot a sub domain and .com a top level domain on the other part.

The thing with the address is that it is exclusive to that name,no one can re-regiister that name on the blogger platform or blogspot sub domain;it simply means it is owned by frank enabulele on the blogger platform.

Not to beat so much about the bush,it is pertinent we find out why the thought  how to change your domain name would run through your mind.

Well for varying reasons

1.The Wrong Domain Name:It is possible you used the wrong domain name while registering your blog.While no one may pin this,it is left for you to find out if the name suits the many things or niche you now blog about.

2.Adsense:There are cases where it becomes difficult to have adsense approval on a particular blog that you really want to get running,whereas another of your blog with a different name from what you envisage has adsense approval and ads running on it,you may want to delete the new blog and incorporate the name into the other blog.

There would be 101 reasons while this may happen,the list is definitely endless.

When you finally find yourself in a situation like this and are not willing to start a fresh blog,below is what you can do to get head on

First log in to

Second on blogger dashboard,scroll down to settings and click it


Third Under clicked setting,you will see basic,click it


Fourth under basic,go to title,click on edit.You may change your blog title if you so wish.


Fifth still on the basic page,under publishing,go to blog address,click edit.Write your new blog name.


That is it!you have successfully changed your blog's name.

Do you have more suggestions as regard how to change your domain name,please share,thank you.

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