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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Non Collateral Loans:Loans Without Collateral From Any Location In Nigeria

Loan without Collateral

Hello,nice to have you here.I would like to quickly get you informed of a non-collateral loans that you can get anywhere in Nigeria;be it Lagos,Edo,Abuja you are good to get this loan from any part of Nigeria without parting with a collateral.

A company in Lagos is actually pioneering this and alot of people have keyed into it .This brief article is to get the word out to as many as possible,so interested persons can get this loans without collateral irrespective of location in Nigeria.This company gives up to one hundred thousand to business persons to finance their entity and one million naira to workers to enable them meet whatever contingencies or needs there might be.

This company is a finance company based in Lagos,Nigeria but gives out this loan through their online app that can be downloaded from google playstore.

After downloading the app, move further to register,put in information required as well as a referall code-FRANNDFH in this case.

Fill in your profile,and go ahead to provide your bvn, afterwhich you link your bank account using your atm card to the site.

The loan is point based as they will start you off as a business person with ten thousand naira,as you pay back your loan,your point increases and qualifies you for higher loans.

Interest on loan at commencement is 30% to ten thousand naira for a period of one month or 15% for 15 days.As your loan amount increases based on your point,your interest reduces until it gets to 4% monthly for one hundred thousand naira.

Are you a business man,take advantage of this for cash flow purpose to support your existing business.Are you a worker,key into it to sort out issues when salary is not coming as when due.

All that you need to know now

Company name is ONE FINANCE

App Name is PAYLATER

Referal code is FRANNDFH

What you need is an ANDROID phone or any other phone that has a PLAYSTORE.

Visit playstore now to download the app,use the code FRANNDFH and receive money directly into your bank account within 24hrs to meet that need of yours anywhere in Nigeria.Remember however to always pay back these non collateral loans at due date.

If this makes any sense to you,please share with friends,family,and on social media,thanks.


  1. What are the consequences if you don't pay after one month?

  2. Hello Ifeanyi,failure to pay on time can lead to point deduction,thereby affecting your loan ability.

  3. I've tried getting a loan from this company, they never granted it. It will keep loading location despite trying several times at different locations. I had to delete the app.

    1. Hello kele,make sure location is turned on in your android phone during application.Application may take sometime due to so many factors but largely network.Its advisable you keep trying as long as all requirements are met.


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