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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Learn How To Make Paint In Two Weeks

Paint is daily becoming an irresistible product for building owners,estate managers,shop owners,office owners,churches,mosque,households to mention but a few.

The opportunities available to those in the paint business is endless;from sales in their own outlets,supplies to building sites,supplies to distributors,wholesalers and retailers in the open market,to supplies to any location nationwide,the paint business knows no bounds.

A hands on training in paint production is a plus to anyone that wants to venture into the business,taking lessons from the professionals is a big advantage.

Paint production is made up of several chemical mixtures that would be very difficult to comprehend without appropriate training,these chemicals enable the mix to be called paint in the final stage.

Different chemicals comes with varying functions which includes thickness,coverage,dust proofing,durability etc.A would be paint producer must therefore acquaint himself with these if he must succeed in the business.

There are also several types of paint that must be known by the would be paint producer,all the types of paint comes with their own chemical or unique mixture and they include emulsion,texcoat,gloss which are very popular,less expensive and in high demand;others include satin,flex,stucco,marble trowel to list but a few;these are not on high demand but expensive and of a higher quality.

Paint is bound to give a good return on investment to anyone who is ready to give his or her time to it, as its lucrative nature cannot be over emphasized.

To learn paint making,BRINTAZ & DYNAMICX owners of DYNAMICX PAINT has set up a training centre that runs seamlessly from Monday to Friday weekly to train all those willing to have  hands on paint production and own their own paint business.

Would be producers will learn paint making in as short as two(2)weeks with intensive theoretical and practical know how for a fee that is unregretable.

To train as a paint producer,register today for the following packages

Emulsion =N30,000

Texcoat  =N30,000

Gloss     =N30,000
Satin     =N80,000

Stucco =N100,000

Flex    =N60,000

Marble Trowel=N60,000

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Address:293 Upper Erhunmwunse Street,Benin City,Edo State

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