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Saturday, November 21, 2015

How To Produce Liquid Mosquito Insecticide

Insecticides are anti-insects substances or products capable of controlling,checking,repelling or killing insects inorder to contain their spread and depopulate them;a typical example is mosquito.Mosquitoes are known to spread the plasmodium parasite that causes malaria which has claimed lives world wide,without products formulated to stop their menace,mosquitoes will cause more harm.

There are a number of insecticides available in the market place today that are being used to check mosquitoes inorder to either repel them from getting to man or ultimately kill them;some are raid,mortein,Go-90 and sniper.Producers of the aforementioned insecticides no doubt,smile to the bank as some are big industry players.

Mosquitoes are everywhere,hence the need to control them through the use of insecticides.Every household is believed to buy insecticides if not daily then weekly or monthly to protect them from mosquito bites,this actually means money and a source of livelihood to those who have what it takes to go into the business of producing insecticide.

The insecticide business is a viable one and this account for the reason most of the brands mentioned previously are still in the open market.Anyone interested in this business can actually go into it with a small capital after knowing what it takes to formulate substance that actually kills or repel mosquitoes.

While some products are meant to repel them,others are actually formulated to kill them;the basic difference is in the active ingredients used in the formulation.Certain ingredients will act faster as a result of their concentration in the final product while others will not.The ingredients meant to kill will stop at nothing but actually kill the insects,mosquitoes,cockroaches inclusive while those meant to repel,no matter how high the concentration will only repel them.It is also good to note that research has shown that a combination of most active ingredients will act better than a single ingredient,however,there are as it were,certain ingredients that still act better standing alone than several combined ingredients.

Solvents are offcourse not left out in the formulation of insecticides as varying solvents are used to handle various active ingredients.While certain ingredients may be soluble in certain solvents,others may not;hence the need for the right solvent.

Fragrances are also of vital consideration as this is meant to create certain special smell that the household  can accommodate and be comfortable with.

Suffice it to say that with all the above comes the ratio of measurement,this is important to avoid hazards.If the ingredients are formulated in the right ratio,then the product apart from being effective will also be harmless to humans while the wrong ratio may lead to dire consequences.




If your answer is YES, then see requirements below:

COST:   N10,000(Ten Thousand Naira)

BANK:United Bank For Africa(UBA)

ACCOUNT NO:  2033592819

ACCOUNT NAME: Frank Enabulele


PHONE: 08032579622

You can send me an sms or email after payment,once confirmed, the Ingredients, formulations and mixing ratio will be emailed or sms to you.

Thanks for your time.

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