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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


  Owing to increased demand for personal needs,the necessity for employee loan has become glaring.Most employee receive lessthan can cater for their basic needs as salary,that before mid month they are already out of cash.Some have therefore resorted to buying very little stuffs since others like cars,appliances seems to be on the high side.

  With loans in
place however,an employee can have more money at hand to meet some urgent needs.Most loans allow the employee to pay over a period of one year or more,this kind of spread helps to ensure the pressure financially on the employee is reduced to its barest minimum.

  Employees interested in using loans to augment salaries at a low interest rate can actually do so at a place in Lagos.

  Loans can be gotten for up to N500,000 within 24hrs of application approval,no need for guarantors,collacteral,no need to move salary account.An employee must however be over 21years of age,work and live in Lagos,must have worked a minimum of one year in current employment with a valid identification.Application can be done via telephone,online or sales agents,you receive a quick decision on qualification status,submit completed required documents(submission of fraudulent document could land you in police custody),work time is 8am-6pm mondays to Fridays,phone number is 01-460-9945,website is,name is one credit.

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