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Thursday, August 13, 2015


  Each year several eligible job seekers graduate from Nigeria's higher institutions of learning with hope of joining the country's labour force.Happy school is over,many after their service year start to wonder how to go.  about getting jobs in an economy with high unemployment rate.Some who have had hopes on uncles,friends,parents etc are shocked to the marrow when such hopes are dashed to the wall and therefore wonder where to start from.

  Without a job one cannot be financially independent,settling down for marriage becomes nearly impossible,having the good things of life becomes almost ruled out,what an individual plans to achieve in a few years may end up taking so many years,this can ultimately lead to frustration.

  However,once out of school the next step is to search for jobs as jobs won't come looking for the individial.In Nigeria today most employers usually advertise job openings,requesting qualified job seekers to apply for the openings;a job seeker who is not aware of such openings would have actually missed an opportunity.It is advisable to either buy or just search the guardian newspaper of tuesdays especially,and thursdays in this regard,jobberman and some other job sites inorder not to miss out on advertised jobs.

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