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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Understanding Spiritual Alters

An alter is a place where humanity meets with divinity.Simply put, an alter is a place where humans make sacrifices to a spiritual power in expectation of a reward from the being.The strenght of an alter is sacrifice;it is always dumb except sacrifice is made on it:Without sacrifice,
an alter is strenghtless.
  Alter can speak.The sacrifice made upon an alter is what gives it a voice.Since sacrifices often go with blood and there is life in blood,where therefore there is life,there is bound to be a voice.Gen 8:20, 12:7

Types of alters
Physical alters:These can be seen with the phsical eyes.
1.Earthen alter(Ex 20:24):This was made of mud-brick.
2.Stone alter(Ex 6:19-33):Single large stones or unhewed stacked ones.
3.Bronze alter(2 chron 4:1,Ex 27:4)
4.Gold alter(1 kgs 7:48-50,Ex 30:1-6)

Godly spiritual alters:These cannot be seen with the physical eyes,they are named according to the purpose they are meant for.

1.Prayer alter(Lk 18:1):The word of God declares that "the fire shall ever be burning upon the alter,it shall never go out".Every child of God that prays regularly has a prayer alter which comes alive when the name of the lord is called upon.
2.Family alter(Ex.1:20-21):Families and homes are established upon this alter.

Strange spiritual alters:These are named according to their locations or areas of influence.
1.Marine alters(Zach 9:4):These are the places of operation of evil powers from the water;they carry out operations even in the land and air.

2.Aerial/Celestial alters:These are operated by guardian spirits.They exercise aerial authourities over territories,communities and nations(Dan 10:13)

3.Terrestrial alters:These are maintained by land spirits exercising authourity over territories.

4.Alter of witchcraft/wickedness:This is the place where the act of making decisions/foretelling is practised.Witchcraft is also refered to as medium(being possessed by a ghost or spirit of the dead)Lev.20:6

Terms associated with alter
1.Stronghold:Its a strongly built up reinforcement base for spirits which is difficult to attack.

2.Parent alter:This is the seat or main operational base of a stronghold.

3.Subsidiary alter:This is a sub alter where spiritual strongholds return when the parent alter is attacked.

4.Associate alter:This assist in information dissemination and arranging for counter attacks.

Dealing with strange alters
In Judges 6:25-27,God gave the guidelines to dealing with alters to Gideon,thus:
1.Throw them down:Every alter should firstly be dealth with by throwing them down.In spiritual warfare,this would mean attacking their base.

2.Cut down their groves:Everything hanging on the alter.In spiritual warfare,this would mean breaking any link with the alters.

3.Raise a new alter to God:For one to successfully ensure the destroyed alters don't ressurrect again,an alter unto God must be raised.This would mean serving God faithfully in studying his word,prayer,giving etc.

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