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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Understanding the name"Jesus"

 For prayers to ever go through to the father,it must carry the name "Jesus".The name is the highest single name in heaven and earth as it has been exalted and made higher than any other name by the father.At the mention of the name Jesus,every knee bow and every tongue
confesses him as lord.This is the believers' authourity,as no other name can be that authouritative.We must learn to believe in the efficacy of the name when we pray and also use it inorder to get result.Philippians 2:9-11,John 14:6
 Jesus as an exalted name
Jn 16:24-26,Acts 4:12,Phil 2:9-11,Jn 14:6. The name "Jesus" is the highest single name given by God the father in heaven,earth and beneath for the following reasons:
1.Obedience unto death
2.Took the form of a servant
3.Took the poverty of the world
4.Took the sin of the world upon himself
5.Took the sickness of the world
6.Had his life cut short for our sakes
7.Over powered the devil
8.Did not resist the shedding of his blood for the remission of our sins.

    Why use the name "Jesus"
Jn 14:6
1.He is the way to God the father
2.He is the truth
3.He is the life

 Why pray to the father. With the name "Jesus"
To get answers.The authourity of our prayer is the name "Jesus",no Jesus,no answer.Jn 16:24-26,14:6.

What can the name "Jesus" do
1.Set the captives free (Mark 16:17):This is to set both the physically and spiritually captives free.

2.Prevent serpentine stings(Mark 16:18):It is powerful enough to prevent the physical and spiritual stings,entrance of evil deposits in the life of a person.

3.Destroys poison of all types(Mark 16:18):The name "Jesus" is enough weapon to destroy every enchantment,evil incantations,charms or any othet instruments of the devil from a mans' life.

4.Produces healing(Mark 16:18):It carries the efficacy for both physical and spiritual healing.

5.New language:Through the power in the name of Jesus,believers can speak new language.

Who can use the name "Jesus"
It only works for born again christians.Acts 19:13-16

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