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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Positions in prayer

 In previous articles,we considered the meaning of prayer,we also observed the pattern of prayer laid down by our Lord Jesus Christ;it is also important to know the
positions to take when praying.
1.Kneeling down:We can pray by kneeling down before God,if comfortable with it;this was a common practise in bible days.

2.Standing:We can also pray standing,what matters is that we are communicating with God.

3.Sitting:It is also possible to sit down while praying,as God is not interested in our positions but words.

4.Lying down:While lying down,if it is a comfortable way for us,we can actually pray.

N.B: The bible did not state particular positions we must take when praying,so feel free to approach Gods' throne in positions that will allow you pray the more to him.

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