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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kinds of prayer

There are different kinds of prayer,a close look at them will assist us to narrow down the usage of words in times when we call on God.

1. Prayer of petition:This is a request to God to meet a particular need.In petition,we make request to a person in authourity who has the power to meet such a request;a petition is usually a request concerning someone else.Isa 37:14-20

2.Prayer of supplication:We ask for Gods' help regarding a specific need.I kg 8:33,47

3.Prayer of Intercession:We pray for others and not ourselves.Num 16:20-22,Ex 32:30-35,Acts 12:5

4.Prayer of praise,worship and thanksgiving:We exalt and lift up Gods' name.Psalm 148

5.Prayer of authourity:It is a prayer of command,we utilise our authourity in Christ. Acts 3:6

6.Prayer of warfare:We exercise our rights to bind and loose,we confront spiritual powers militating against us.Eph 6:12

7.Prophetic prayer: We speak things into the future.We proclaim what we want to see regarding the future.Example,"2014 will be my year of financial explosion"."No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper".Psalm 118:17

8.Prayer of confession:We make positive affirmation regarding what we are praying for.We call those things that we want to see into existence.E.g"I have abundance of money" even when you have no money.

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