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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Understand Spiritual Foundation

 This has to do with the family background of a person.This is very important in the life of an individual as it becomes impossible for a man to rise above his foundation.There are families that worshipped idol,gave themselves to alcohol,practised polygamy etc,so that even their own children become held by such practises.Now,these has all the tendencies to affect individuals,so that no matter how hard they try,they are unable to liberate themselves.
  However we are told that once in christ,we are a new creation.It is therefore notably concluded that the only solution to foundation is christ.
When we come to him,we receive the needed strenght to destroy every wrong foundation and their influence upon our lives. Psalm 11:3

Types of Foundation

1.Ungodly foundation(Gen 2:16-17.3:6-7,Rom 5:19)
  This is a foundation based on anything that contradicts God.Under this we shall consider the following:
*Adamic Foundation(Rom 5:19a):This is the sin foundation.It is based on this foundation that sin passed to all men and all men fell short of Gods' grace.

*Terahic Foundation(Gen 11:31-32,Josh 24:2):This foundation was based on idolatory.It is worthwhile to note that every idol worshipper is under a curse;for this reason,God asked Abraham to separate himself.

2.Godly Foundation(Gen 12:1-5,15:18):This foundation is based on godliness and the worship of Jehovah;under this we shall consider the following:

*Abrahamic foundation:This is the foundation of infallible blessings.

*Christly Foundation:This is the foundation everyone that is saved is built on.Anyone who has confessed christ as Lord and saviour is built upon this foundation.It is a sure foundation of righteousness that can never be destroyed.

Identifying the powers from our fathers' house

  This is the continuous existence or repetition of one or more incident among family members from generation to generation.Let's consider a few examples below:
1.Murder(Gen 4:8,23):Cain killed Abel,afterwards his great great great grandson,Lamech(a fifth generation),also killed a man and even made mention of the murder committed by Cain,bragging that he too cannot be touched since Cain was not touched.

2.Lie(Gen 12:10-13.26:6-7,27:18-19):Abraham lied to the Egyptians that Sarah was his sister,his son Isaac was later attacked by that same power when he lied to the philistines that Rebekah was his sister.This occurence also met with Jacob,Isaacs' son when he lied to his father that he was Esau.All this can be traced to Abrahams father Terah:Since even Laban,Nahors' son,Abrahams brother also lied to Jacob.

3.Barreness(Gen 11:30.25:21.29:31):Sarah was a barren woman,this later extended to Rebekah,Rachael and Leah.

4.Limitation:Terah the father of Abraham was limited in life.Though he left ur of the Chaldees to settle in Canaan,he finally died in Haran.His own children Haran and Nahor also became limited in life:Haran died in ur,the land of his nativity,could not become a nation,Nahor remained in Syria,had sons and daughters but could not become a nation(Gen 11:31-32)

5.Servanthood(Gen 9:25. 13:12,17):Canaan due to the curse from Noah was to remain a servant to Shem and Japheth.As a result of this foundational power of servanthood,though Canaan was very mighty,his descendants would later give up their inheritance to the Isrealites,descendants of Shem.

Causes of wrong foundation

 Please read up my articles on allthe following except sin,for details.
2.Evil Dedication
3.Evil Convenants

Dealing with wrong foundation

Depending on the kind of cause,the following will be useful
1.Accept Jesus as Lord and saviour
2.Stand in the authourity of Gods' word
3.Use the name of Jesus
4.Use the blood of Jesus

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