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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Understand Convenants

 A convenant is a binding agreement between one or more persons to perform an act and subsequently get something in return.Once entered into,there will be dire consequences for breakage,hence before entering any form of convenant or agreement,one must be ready to both accept the benefits it brings and the consequences that goes with breaking it.There is no convenant(agreement)without a consequence;it is an oath taken by parties to it,with a readiness to abide by its terms.
 The problem many are facing today is as a result of the oath(convenant)they entered into or took.It has so guided their lives that they have become frustrated,wishing they never took it.However,actions and not mere wishing are the solution to breaking any convenant,as every wrong convenant has been handled by christ
.If a child of God therefore breaks an evil convenant,he can walk away scot free without facing its consequences by exercising his authourity in christ.

Types of convenant
1.Conditional(Ex.24:3,7-8):Certain convenants comes with condition;something that must be done bt parties to it before it can be enforced.The condition for Gods' blessings was for the Israelites to obey the commandment.

2.Non-conditional(Gen 9:9-11):The convenant God made with Noah and all flesh including the earth falls here,since they were not expected to play any part in it.

3.Generational(Gen 15:18)The convenant God made with Abraham extended to his children yet unborn.

4.Non-generational(Josh.2:12-16):The convenant made with Rahab the harlot by the spies was a non-generational convenant.It was to cover her and her fathers' house for the period of the battle.

Signs or tokens of a convenant
Every convenant is expected to have a sign or token.The marriage convenant in todays' world usually go with the "ring"sign.The convenant between the spies and Rahab,went with the "scarlet thread"sign.The convenant between God and all flesh went with the "bow in the sky"sign.The convenant between God and Abraham went with the "circumcision"sign.

Features of a convenant
1.Agreement between parties(Josh.2:12-14)

2.Conditions between parties(Josh 2.14):With the exception of Noah and all flesh,most convenants comes with condition.

3.Promises between parties(Josh 2.18-19)

Convenant seal
This involves what was actually used to fortify the convenant.
1.Words of mouth(Gen 9:9-11):God had established his convenant with all flesh by words,assuring that they will nolonger be destroyed by flood.

2.Blood(Ex.24:6-8):Gods' convenant with Israel was settled by blood when the people and the alter was sprinkled by blood.

Convenant meal
 The convenant meal is taken as a way of celebrating the sealing of the convenant.Usually after a deal is reached,people get excited, as a result decides to celebrate.An example is a wedding were guests are made to eat and drink after the groom and bride has performed all ceremonies making them husband and wife.In other words,the meal is served after the wedding convenant has been reached;thus signifying that the eating of the meal by the guests is in appreciation of the wedding convenant.
 In Ex.24:9-11,the elders of Israel including Moses and Aaron ate in the presence of God,after the convenant was sealed by blood.

Convenant strength
1.Ability to enforce blessings(Deut.28:1-13)

2.Ability to enforce curses(Deut 28:15)

3.Ability to remain in force for the period of the agreement(Gen 9:16)

Convenants and evil powers
 The devil can capitalize on convenants entered into by generations ago to afflict a man today who knows nothing about the convenant.

Remedy to evil convenants
Accept Jesus as your lord and saviour,stand in the authourity of his name and Gods' word.Col.2:13-15

Gen 9:9-17, 17:7-14

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