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Friday, August 7, 2015


   Masturbation also known as self service is the handling,caressing of ones sexual organs by oneself inorder to receive same sexual pleasure one would have had while sleeping with the opposite sex.Though no biblical passage to my knowledge hit the nail on the head by mentioning the name"masturbation",yet we know its a sin against God and those practising it,should desist from it(Romans 1:26).
  When a paerson gets the urge for sex

and there is no one to pour such urge on or to satisfy the urge,masturbation then readilly comes to mind as he or she keeps looking for a way to satisfy the urge.Though one may infer that people masturbate,it is very hard to point fingers at anyone as those involved do it all alone by themselves when no one is around.
  There are so many people with deep sexual urge who yet do not masturbate but almost succumbing as the days go by.The below tips will assist anyone with the urge to masturbate ,to avoid it.

1)Tell yourself mastubation is not worth it and stand by that decision.

2)Irrespective of the urge,discipline yourself.

3)Avoid porn sites,movies,nude pictures of the opposite sex.

4)Avoid thinking about sex when alone

5)Study the bible regularly

6)Pray regularly

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