Jesus Is Lord,He Loves You(John 3:16)/

Monday, August 10, 2015


  Fornication is pre-marital sex engaged in by unmarried persons,while some do it for fun,others do it for money.Today it is nolonger strange to see young men looking for women old enough to be their mothers to sleep with for money,same goes to young ladies even in their teens looking desparately for money for clothes,food,perfume and everything latest using what they have as its usually termed by many to get what they want;this act is condemned by the bible.

  Sometime ago I read in one online forum of a young 24year old lady who had slept with six hundred men in one year,now calling for help that there is no profit in it(Romans 6:23).Apart from this young lady,there are millions tired of fornication and ready to come out,this article is for such people.Below are things to do to stop fornication:

1.Accept Jesus as Lord,invite him into your life(John 3:16)

2.Think positively(Romans 12:1-2) avoid negative sexual thoughts

3.Avoid porn sites

4.Avoid porn movies(blue films)

5.When the urge for sex comes,discipline yourself

6.Stay away from that or those boy friends/girlfriends who are your bed partners in sin(Tell them you are done with it)

7.Avoid sending the wrong signals by dressing properly(No more skimpy clothes,mini skirts and all that)

8.Study God's word (bible) daily

9.Pray daily

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