Jesus Is Lord,He Loves You(John 3:16)/

Friday, August 7, 2015


  Adultery is exra-marrital sex engaged in by married persons,it is frowned at by God as he condemns it in his word.Most persons after marriage still keep lovers to warm their beds when their spouses are not around.Some who travel a lot always have lovers as their handbags,while those who work very far from home,visit their families once weekly or monthly use the distance as an excuse to cheat on their spouse

  Adultery has destroyed a lot of homes,children have had to be catered for all alone by their mother or father as a result of adultery.It has created a lot of broken homes,destroyed trust among those who still decide to keep the marriage because of the children,brought unwanted pregnancies and children unplanned for including untimely death.
  For those already into adultery but looking for a way out of it,the following tips will help.

1)Accepot Jesus as Lord,invite him into your life.

2)Re-commit yourself to your spouse.

3)Stop every communication with your lovers.

4)Be content with your spouse and all you have in the marriage.

5)Let the fear of God guide you.

6)Study God's word and meditate on it regularly.

7)Stop doing anything that will suggest you are up to something by the opposite sex.

8)Avoid porn sites,movies and nude pictures.

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