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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


  It is nolonger news that the telecommunication sector of the country is a money spinner.With the likes of MTN,Globacom,Airtel and Etisalat competing so hard for consumers attention,there has been a rising boom in recharge cards business.

  Recharge cards for various networks are basically used for voice call,sms and data;with this in place,consumers now spend more on
recharge cards than in the entry era when it was just voice calls with your mobile phone only.

  As may already have been known,the aim of every business is profit making,this becomes the basis for all those considering this business.To begin with,this business can be done in wholesale and retail or a combination of both.

  With cash involvement in large sums,the wholesale would emerge as most profiting for its high turnover.One must however be around a densely populated environment or reach out to the retailers for this to be profitable.On the retail end,except one is also situated in a busy area,one must be patient enough to sell and remain in the business.

  The recharge card business however does not spin out tens of millions at once,as it is highly dependent on turnover and profit margin in the range of N20 to N70.

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