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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


 For ages,roofing sheets called "zinc" were used on houses and wooden windows seen all over the metropolis;the days of such is however being gradually eroded.

  From roofing sheets to glass windows,product display glass,kitchen cabinenets,the aluminium business man surely have his daily bread.The aluminium materials are now evidently used in buildings all over the country;they are also evident in shops
and businesses so that anyone engaged in this is sure of his bread and butter.

  A drive around Ikoyi,Victoria Island and some other parts of Lagos would leave you wondering at the kind of roofing sheets the houses carry;most are aluminium.Most houses today are replacing their wooden windows with sliding,more fanciful ones while businesses are taking more advantage of the known aluminium "show glass"to display their wares;with so much varieties,the aluminium business man is in a world of financial freedom.

  To start this business,it is advisable that one first serve under a professional as an apprentice.One would need a shop,cutting machine,aluminium rays or spans,glass.More often than not,you only buy these items when clients release money for projects,except there is so much money to produce certain materials by yourself,displayed for sale,you should always wait for client patronage before producing materials.

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