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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


      One of the snacks taken frequently in Nigeria is eggroll.This snack is a combination of various ingredients with boiled egg put at the middle.Eggroll is providing a livelihood for many who are
commercialising it,usually at a retail price of N50 per one or wholesale price of N45.

  Anyone interested in making eggroll would require the following:

1) Flour


3)Baking powder

4)Boiled and unboiled eggs




 Mix flour,baking,unboiled egg,butter,salt and water together.Peel off the boiled egg and roll the mixture round the boiled egg,afterwhich you fry it.

N.B: The flour is usually morethan the baking powder.The quantity of baking powder should be about a tablespoon to flour or five milk cup of flour.You must add unboiled egg for it to be soft,you can use oil as an alternative to butter but butter is better.Add pinch of salt to the mixture so it does not come out salty.After mixing,you can spread the mixture on a flat surface or cut and spread on your palm,put the boiled egg at the middle,cover it.You must allow the oil which must be much in quantity to be hot,then reduce the heat before starting the fry.Ensure it is well cooked to the inner parts even when outer is brown before taking the eggroll off the oil.

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