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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


   Hmmmm,how about making that cake at home,all by yourself?I imagine how fulfilling you would be.No more running to the caterer for your baby's birthday cake,no more money spending on the caterers labour,you are just about to bake your first cake


1)1kg flour

2)1/2kg butter

3)1/2kg sugar

4)5 unboiled eggs(raw eggs)the more the eggs,the better.



7)1 tablespoon of baking powder


1)Mix sugar and butter in a bowl until you can hardly feel the sugar grains.Please make sure you do the mixing in one direction only(left or right) not left and right.

2)Add the egg and mix until fluffy

3)Add flavour and preservative

4)Add flavour and baking powder,mix together until creamy

5)Grease your baking pan with butter,put the mixture into it.

6)Heat your oven for a while,put in the baking pan.Please bake at low heat

7)When you start to perceive the cake aroma,check by putting a knife through the middle;if the knife comes out without smearing or cake particles,then take out your pan,unload your cake.

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