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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


  On a day to day basis,vehicles zoom past us heading to various destinations,these vehicles however do not automatically drive themselves but are driven by professionals who already learnt the art of driving.

 From Lagos to Abuja,Edo to Sokoto,all over the country,movement through vehicle is a must,without a driver,these movement will be stalled.From commercial companies to
private individuals,the demand for drivers is on the increase.

 There are companies today plying routes like Benin to Lagos etc,they are always in need of drivers,while others who run intracity transports are not left out.There are those running CAB services where unbranded cars are hired for various purpose,they too are always on the look out for divers and offcourse not left out are the private individuals possessing their own vehicles but too fearful to drive themselves,they also fall in the category of those looking for drivers.

  One can be gainfully employed as a driver earning between twelve(12) to sixty(60) or more thousand naira depending on the job inked.The only requirement is to go to a good driving school,get a driver's licence and be bold to handle the stearing on the road.

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