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Friday, August 7, 2015


  According to Mattew 5:28,anyone that looks at a woman lustfully has already commited sexual sin with her.Lust therefore,though means to desire something, is in the context of Mattew 5:28 seen as spiritual intercourse with the opposite sex,Once a man or a woman desires to have sex with

the opposite sex,even without the physical act,he or she is guilty of sex already before God.
  Lust is a very common thing in most societies,since most people can't walk up to every woman or man they see,they end up wishing.Some even go as far as meditating on those people continuously,though they never see them again.
  It is imperative that lust be avoided as most sexual sins starts from lust;desire,then practise.Like when you get a crush on someone,when you can't do nothing no more because of someone who may not even be aware of youir feelings;you sure lusted before embarking on fornication or adultery,you actually lusted at one point before you started masturbating because the thought just won't go,so it provided that strong urge and finally the act.Now what do you do?

1) Don't desire the opposite sex for sexual purpose

2)Like Job(Job 31:1)don't meditate upon the sexual sides of the opposite sex

3)Let the spirit of God take his place in your life

4)Study the word of God regularly

5)Pray regularly

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