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Friday, August 14, 2015


   Fornication is premarital sex.It is being involved in the act of sex or having sexual intercourse before marriage.Fornication is condemned by the bible(1 corinthians 6:18),since sex was ordained by God as a means of raising offsprings and enjoyable only in marriage.

  Despite societal rot,there are still young persons who have not fornicated all their lives;some are in secondary schools,others in tertiary institutions,some in their entry level,others in their final year,some males,others females.There are a few ways anyone that does not want to sin against God by fornication can discipline themselves:

1.Associate with godly,truthful,honest people

2.Maintain a straigh "NO" and mean it when the issue of sex is brought up

3.Avoid ungodly parties,especially night wild parties

4.As a lady don't put your responsibilities on guys

5.Avoid pornographic movies

6.Avoid pornographic websites

7.Don't meditate on xrated songs

8.Avoid flirting with the opposite sex

9.Dress descently

10.Be guided by the fear of God

11.Study the bible regularly

12.Never visit a guy in his apartment all alone as a lady

13.Make sure the door is wild open when ever you visit a guy in his apartment as a lady

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