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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


   Gone are those days when one has to move arround compulsorily searching for goods to buy in the open market,with technological advancement has come much improvement even in commerce.
  Commercial activities has never been this easy,whereby a buyer seats in the comfort of his room or office,with the help of a smart phone/computer gets what he wants delivers right to his doorstep through online market place.
  There are various online market places today wher buyers and sellers easily meet to transact business;some deliver to the buyer before collecting their money,others allow the buyer and the seller to conclude transactions themselves.
  In Nigeria today,we have various online market places offering an
array of products, examples are,,,,, and a host of others;we shall however be looking closely at those having no real control over buyers and sellers final transactions.
  In buying goods from online market like, and,certain steps should be taken to ensure one is not buying a stolen item.

1.Consider the length of the ad:If ad runs too short,its likely a stolen item since the sellers may be looking for fast sale.

2.Price:If the price posted is too good to be true,it is likely a stolen item,for example listing a new product with market value of N40000 for N10000.

3.Unreceipted payment:If seller insist he can't offer receipt to cover sale due to unweighted reasons,item might be stolen.

4.Removal of identity marks:When product identity marks like serial codes are removed,it may likely be stolen.

5.If seller cannot confidently give you his name,phone number,address,what he does for a living,item might be stolen.

6.Reasons for the sale:Seller should be able to give congent reasons he is selling the product,if the reasons by your assessment aren't congent enough,don't buy.

7.History/analysis of the product:The seller should be able to tell you about the product,operate it like one who actually own it,no blabbing,if not,you may want to take a walk.

Hope this was helpful,you can also read up other articles on this blog,thanks.

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