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Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To Start A Provision Store Business(Grocery)

   In the face of ailing economy with no job,the quest to start business in other to keep body and soul has assumed a spirited dimension. With many on the look out for what business to start,one that many eye because of ease of entrance is the provision business.
   . With relative little capital,thousands flock into this business selling stuffs like biscuits,milk etc. However many who started have also been very quick to exit the trade for lack of needed profit. The business as much as it requires little capital to allow all entrants, also provide very little profit in the range of 5,10,20,50 naira and is therefore population dependent. One of the very first consideration in starting this business is
population.Interested in this trade,make sure to establish it in a densely populated area like the open market,motor parks,school,busy streets etc;if you negate this,you will end up using external funds to run it,as all your profit and capital would go down the drain.Another consideration is to avoid credit sales as much as possible as this can adversely affect the business.If you have to put in a lot of funds,consider wholesale along with retail too. Don't forget there will be bills ranging from rent to power,to taxes etc,all these should come from the profit of the business, so take the best decision while it is called TODAY.

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