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Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Build your Own House(An Overview)

      The tenement rate in most cities is highly skyrocketed. Three bedroom flat now goes from 144000 naira to some millions,where does  this leave the low income earner?
    Making adequate building plan ensures a settled future as the stress of movement and rent would have be done with.Rather than spend so much on rent,try building your
own house no matter how small.Some of the requirement for three bedroom flat are listed below:

1. Land
3.House plan
4.Community settlement if any
5.Foundation laying
6.Raise building from foundation to dpc level.
7.Continue from dpc to lintel level.You can fill the rooms with red sand at this level.
8.Add two to three blocks
9.Put woods for roofing
10.Cover wood with roofing sheets
11.Handle flooring
12.Handle electrical
13.Handle ceiling
14.Handle plastering
15.Handle painting

N.B: The number of blocks required is about 3000,five bags of cement would normally give 200 blocks,a minimum trip of sharp sand is required; you can decide to supervise the project or hire an engineer.

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