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Friday, October 3, 2014

Where To Buy Cheap Clothes In Lagos,Nigeria


     Lagos state is one of Nigeria's business hub,with a dense population,seaport,international airport,Lagos has got it all.
    From time to time,people flock to this state to buy their ware which they later take back to their own States to sell at a profitable price.

    Visiting Lagos for shirts,perfumes,bags,shoes,wristwatches, Jeans,children's clothing?There is a place that has got it all for you. From T.m. shirts to Hawes & Curtis from 700 naira,suits 850,children's clothing 100,boxers 50,gowns 500,etc.All goods are brand new and can be sold for good profit but prices are however not fixed.It is called the London Marketing Company at Olowo street,Ikeja,Lagos.When you get around computer village,enquire from anyone especially okada people about this place.

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