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Monday, April 7, 2014

How to start a printing business without a press

  It is a well known fact that businesses,individuals etc,usually rely on printers for certain documents.There is hardly a facet in life were printing can be completely ruled out.However,before one can embark on this business,there are certain things he must know,if he does not have the equipments.

1.The very first step is the information to be printed.This would include type of work,color,size etc.

2. The second step is to take the job to business centre to get your work typed out and designed.

3.You separate colors(You either do computer or digital separation but digital is better)

4.Once separated,take it to the lithographer to impress your film on a plate.

5.Your next point of call after the lithographer would be the press where you will have your final job,but if your job requires finishing(binding etc)you proceed to step six.

6.Here your impression(job)is taken out for collation,arrangements,binding etc,before it is finally delivered to the owner.

 Hope this was useful,thanks for reading.

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