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Monday, April 7, 2014

How to make popcorn


  Popcorn is eaten by all and sundry,it is made from corn and contains fibre.It can be seen all around the country in market places,fast foods,streets and diverse.It is mostly loved by kids but adults are equally not left out of the fun of crunchy popcorn;as it keeps the mouth busy,especially when combined with groundnut.
  Popcorn can be made to satisfy individual craves or commercialised to generate money.Popcorn is a lucrative business if the market is available,so one may not regret investment in it.
  Let us quickly consider all that would- be investors would need to carry out this business.

1.Popcorn Machine:It is advisable to get the locally made one because of epileptic power supply experienced here in Nigeria.

* Machine make up
  The machine is made up of a popping pot,a stand containing the gas burner,an attached cylinder containing the gas.Please note that the pot and the stand come together but the cylinder would have to be purchased and filled separately from any gas outlet.

* Cost of machine
  This is about thirty thousand naira,depending on where one is buying from.

* Where to get the machine
  The machine is fabricated locally by welders,all that is needed is a visit to any of the outfits.

2. Corn: The corn is "yellow corn".There are two types in the market,the big one that will not give the desired pop,and the small,almost dirty one that gives the desired pop.

* Buying the corn
  Visit any of the big markets around where grains are sold in bags.Those who live in Benin city can get it from Lagos street market,while those who live outside Benin will have to check big markets around them.Once you arrive the market and discover an outlet where it is sold,tell them you want popcorn,that way,they will be able to give you the right corn.

*Corn measurement
  It is sold in rubber,quarter,half or full bags.

*Price of corn
 It is between #350 and #500 for rubber,
 #1750 and #2000 for quarter bag
 #7000 and 8000 for half bag
 #14000 and 16000 for full bag
* Treating the corn
  Without treatment,you will end up with unpoped stony corns.Before you ever pop the corn,first pour the corn into a bowl,pour water into bowl,wash the corn in the bowl;filter off the water and spread the corn under the sun for dryness.Once dried,put the corn back into the bowl,removing the stones as you do that.

3. Groundnut oil or butter

4. Sugar or salt

5.Little or big nylon bags

6. Popcorn picker or spoon for measuring into bags

7.A big bowl or "show glass" to pour in the popped corn.

     Popping the corn
  Now that you are ready to pop the corn,here are things you must do:

*Open your cylinder to allow flow of gas(please do this outdoor).

*Open the burner too.

*Light it up with a match stick.

*Put the pot on the space provided in the stand.

*Allow water in the pot to dry up if any.

*Pour little groundnut oil or butter into the pot.

*Pour in a cup of corn.

*Cover and stir.

*Keep stirring until you start hearing the corn pop(As you stir,the intensity of the pop would increasea)

*Once the pop begins to subside,so that you hardly hear it,put in the sugar or salt through the little space provided at the cover,stir vigorously and bring down the pot,putting off the burner and cylinder.

*Now pour in a bowl and allow to cool for a while before transfering to the "show glass" or filling the nylons.

N.B: Pop the corn at average heat(not too high or low).If heat it is too high,it can burn the corn,if too low,it won't pop well.

  Market price of popcorn
* The little nylon bags go for #10 per one,#50 for seven.
* The big bags,usually made of butter,go for fifty and one hundred naira,depending on quantity.

*Individuals etc

 You may visit big churches,ask for permission to pop for them during programmes like crusades etc.You may also do this during marriage/burial ceremonies.You may also employ people to sell at busy bus stops etc.

 Hope the information was useful,thanks for reading.


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