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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steps to Making Money as a Motivational Speaker

Hello guys,its been a while.Today, i shall be lecturing you on steps to making money as a motivational speaker.

  1. Sell your knowledge. Create books, DVDs, CDs and manuals that you can sell to others.
  2. Hold a free seminar. Organize free seminars in churches, schools, companies and other public institutions. You use the opportunity to sell your product.You use such programs to create publicity so people get to know you.
  3. Speak for free at events. Such opportunities are used to sell yourself, your knowledge and what you are doing.
  4. Organize paid seminars. Getting people to pay to hear you speak.
  5. Become a consultant. You  offer people, companies, specialized advice beyond what is offered at seminars.
Hope you hold on to this until my next lecture,will be however back in a jiffy.

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