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Friday, May 27, 2011

Production of Gloss Paint

An eggshell paint finish has a slightly glossy shine. It is very similar to how a true egg's shell looks. A semi-gloss paint has a subtle shine but is not glitzy. If you have eggshell paint and want it to be semi-gloss paint, you can change the sheen with a few simple steps
To add a semi-gloss sheen to eggshell paint, mix 1 gallon of eggshell paint thoroughly with 1 gallon of semi-gloss paint. Not mixing the two properly may result in two levels of sheen while painting. Try a small patch of the combination paint on your wall to see if it looks correct. If the paint is not semi-gloss enough, add a small amount of semi-gloss paint to the batch, mixing thoroughly again.
Test the paint on a different portion of the wall. Continue to add small amounts of semi-gloss paint until the combination paint has the semi-gloss sheen of your choice.
In order for the paints to mix correctly, both need to be latex or oil paint. Oil-based and latex-based paints cannot be mixed because they do not combine properly. When mixing the paints, use a clean container. Using a paint drill, rather than a stirring stick, ensures the paints mix properly.

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