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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To Make Candle In Nigeria

 Candle is a very vital lighting product in Nigeria and the world at large.In countries where there is constant power outage like Nigeria,candle plays a vital lighting role in ensuring illumination in homes.

  The uses of candle is however not limited to homes,as  it is used for other basic functions in churches during the cross over night new year services,birthdays to add color to the day and for certain spiritual purposes.

  Candles are a household name and have no brand loyalty as all the consumer wants is a light.They are readily available in the market place,making it a viable business option for would be entrepreneurs.

  Raw materials for candle making are inexpensive and can be sourced locally by anyone interested in the business.The need however to learn about its making is important in order to be an authority in what one does.Below however are a list of a few requirements to ponder on,for procedures,you may contact us.

1.Candle wax

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